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Ensure your reputation is as good
as the food on your menu

And that starts with creating, achieving and maintaining the standards that will pass city and county health inspections. Your "A" rating announces to the community that your establishment promotes a certain quality and their customer experience matters. And we help you get there!

food inspection auditInspection/Audits: Review and evaluate the entire food handling process

serv-safeTraining & Certification: Provide certified Serv-Safe Instructors and Proctors


haccp complianceHACCP Compliance: Analyze, train, monitor & establish a compliant system.


pass county health inspectionCompliance Training for Los Angeles County
NEW! LA County No Bare Hands variance form: HERE
NEW! LA Official Inspection Report Training
Cottage Food Industry (CFI) Class A & B Home Inspection
Mobile Food Facility Inspection
Plan Check Review Training for start-ups / remodeling restaurant
Community Events Health Code Requirement Training
Inspect YOUR own Kitchen

WHO WE ARE: SAFE & SOUND Food Safety Consultants assess conditions and provide practical best practices to reduce exposure to health risks, reduce the occurence of foodborne illnesses and educate food service personnel on sources of risk. We work at saving you money! Fully licensed and insured.

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LOS ANGELES COUNTY: APPROVED Trainer and Certification Providers, Certified Food Protection Manager


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