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Since we are nationally certified Serv-Safe and proficient in both New York City and LA County Health Department Guidelines, we can travel anywhere in United States, Mexico and Canada to perform our services. Contact us today, we are ready to help you!

If we are not familiar with your local jurisdiction, we will become proficient in those guidelines.

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Los Angeles
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Mary FitzGerald, NCFPM
contact: 310.739.4435

What some of our clients say...

"I have been enlisting Mary's services since 2010 for my restaurant companies in New York and Los Angeles. Mary is an incredible teacher for all our managers and employees and a wealth of knowledge we can always refer to. Mary has taught all our Serve-Safe classes and conducts regulars monthly inspections, bringing us not just experience but keeping us updated on all new laws and regulations pertaining to the DOH.

Mary conducts thorough pre-health department inspections in such manner that our mangers are actually excited to see her rather than being worried that something won't check out. Mary is a positive and energetic individual with the ability to build relationships and acquire the trust of all managers. I recommend Mary to anyone who owns a restaurant."

Massimo Noja De Marco
Vice President of Operations

"Mary was the reason we at The Fireman Hospitality Group were able to Get An "A" grade for the food and beverage program. She helped me understand what was needed to achieve an A and maintain it."

Chef David Haynes
Fireman Hospitality Group, NY

restaurant consultant

Call: (310) 739 4435



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