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Danger Zone

Below are some visual examples of behind the scenes violations. These pictures are just one of a potential 1000 issues inspectors look for. If you see any of these issues in your own establishment, give us a call. We helped the restaurants in these pictures to gain their "A" rating!

Violations and fines can add up quickly! Penalties range from 1-6 points based on severity, multiple offense and those directly affecting sanitary conditions. And at $250 per point, some of the issues noted in the examples below can cost you thousands! Spend time preventing violations through adequate staff training and attention to food safety details.

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Slicer blade stored with food debris

Food debris, dust and dirt on top of food storage containers

Serv-Safe Instructors   county health inspection
Fresh rodent droppings under dining room banquet

Cracked and missing wall tiles

food handling review   food inspection
Bulk milk dispenser, encrusted milk on spout: temperature 52°F   Slime and mold under soda machine run off tray
restaurant inspection   Food Safety Consultants
Soda tanks and CO2 tank not securely chained to wall   Defrosting raw meat dripping into uncovered marinating chicken
food audit consultant   food safety
Roach and termite infested wooden doors.   Dented and swollen cans stored with regular cans, not isolated.


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