Inspections and Certification Training


Combining decades of experience in development of instructional materials, on-site training for teams and management, SAFE & SOUND's trainers offer comprehensive solutions based on extensive industry knowledge, state and federal regulations and your unique operational needs. We are certified classroom/on-site instructors and registered proctors for ServSafe®, TIPS® Responsible Alcohol Sales/Service, the new California ABC/RBS Alcohol training, Allergy Training, and HACCP. We also are certified trainers for Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention and Awareness for managers and teams in California and New York.


ServSafe Food Protection Training and Certification

Our certified ServSafe® Instructors and registered Proctors will certify or re-certify managers in the ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification. We train all food handlers with ServSafe Food Handler Certification.


Food Allergy Awareness Training

Our Master AllerTrain courses teach food service professionals how to better serve diners with special dietary needs, including food allergies, food intolerances and celiac disease.



Our certified HACCP Instructors analyze, evaluate, train, monitor and create a system to bring your establishment into HACCP compliance.



TIPS is a dynamic, skills-based training program designed to prevent intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking by enhancing the fundamental "people skills" of servers, sellers and consumers of alcohol. TIPS training is not accepted in California as a substitute for the RBS program but is in other jurisdiction where responsible alcohol training is required or recommended.


We offer Online Food Safety Training for Management and Staff - English and Spanish Courses Available.

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  • Management Food Safety Certification - Course, Exam, Proctoring
  • Food Handler Certification - Course, Exam, Print Certificate When Exam is Passed - Take Exam as Many Times as Needed.


We offer pre-health department facility inspections designed to keep you prepared for a scheduled or surprise Health Department Inspection.

Our inspections can be scheduled or not, monthly, quarterly or prior to scheduled health department visits. Following the inspection, a full inspection report with photos of possible violations will be provided for you to make the necessary corrective actions. We provide a full library of logs, templates for allergen charts, cleaning, and self-inspections. We provide training as we inspect so that there is an understanding of the nature of the violation and the need to correct it.



Inspect and Review according to:

  • FDA and NPS Standards
  • New York City Department of Health Compliance
  • Los Angeles County Health Department Compliance
  • Any local regulatory agency requirements
  • International ServSafe Inspections and Training

Wholesale Manufacturing Processes Based on:

  • SQF Internal Audit and FSMA, PCQI (Preventive Controls, Food Safety Inspections)

Plan Check:  Start-ups and remodeling construction consultation

  • Guidance on requirements and submittal process

Other Services and Competencies:

  • Real-time on-site food safety training with culinary teams and management.  Work and learn at the same time.
  • Mobile Food Facility Inspection
  • Cottage Industry Home Kitchen Inspection
  • Food Crisis Protocol Training
  • Food Defense and Food Fraud Crisis Management
  • On-site, interactive Food Safety Staff Training
  • Cannabis Dispensary Food Safety Inspections
  • Sell-Smart Cannabis Training

Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention and Awareness:
Never has this training been more important for the safety of your teams, managers, guests, and shareholders. It is required in California for Managers and team members where there are more the 50 employees company-wide every two years. It is required in New York City every year where there are more than 4 employees and both managers and employees must be trained. Your General Liability and/or D&O insurance may require it as well.  For more information, contact

Safe & Sound Food Safety Consultants


Kitchens do not have to be new to be clean! Some of the cleanest kitchens with the best food safety practices are older. Some have original equipment that has been properly clean and well-maintained.
Make food safety and sanitation a priority in your establishment. Train and hold your teams accountable.

Safe & Sound Food Safety Consultants


It is a proven fact that management, culinary and service teams learn,  retain and apply more knowledge when they are professionally trained in a classroom setting. We are certified as ServSafe™ and TIPS™ Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Instructors and Proctors.  We are also certified in SQF, FSMA, PCQI, cGMP (FDA) and HACCP.  We also provide classroom training for Sell-SMart™ Safe Marijuana Retail Practices, Allergen Training, and Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention. We also offer real-time on-site food safety training correcting and eliminating unsafe practices and procedures during service.  We can provide custom forms for time and temperature control, prep and food production logs and line checks

Safe & Sound Food Safety Consultants


We believe in helping owners and operators build strong, positive cultures and create respectful and safe work environments for all restaurant chefs, managers and team members.  We offer Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Awareness Training to both management and hourly teams. In California, training for management must take place every 2 years. In New York City, training must take place annually.

Safe & Sound Food Safety Consultants


We inspect and train for food safety and sanitation in  full and quick service restaurants, hotels, schools, national parks,  groceries, retail cannabis dispensaries, commercial commissary kitchens,  food trucks, wholesale and retail bakery and food manufacturing facilities. We prefer to inspect with a member of the management team and review the findings at each location before leaving. We prepare a written report that mirrors the inspection reports provided by the local regulatory agency. We are frequently contacted to participate in the Plan Check process for new facilities or those under-going remodel and offer a pre-opening health inspection ahead of the local regulatory agency’s first formal inspection. 

Safe & Sound Food Safety Consultants


Avoid cross-contamination – minimum bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat foods:

The main reason for not touching ready-to-eat foods with bare hands is to prevent viruses and bacteria which are present on your hands from contaminating the food. Improper food handling is one of the most common causes of foodborne illnesses. With proper training, foodservice employees can prevent the transfer of viruses and bacteria from hands to the customer’s food.

Knowledge of food allergies is a critical component of running a successful operation.  Both service and culinary team members must know what the 8 major allergens are and know if they are present in the food or beverages being served.  We can provide allergen charts and training based on your menu to educate your staff and help keep your guests safe and well.